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Our dues cover only 60% of Kol HaNeshama’s operating budget.  To make up the rest, we depend on your generosity. That’s why we ask you to make a donation every High Holy Day season and to participate in periodic fundraising projects. That’s why we encourage you to express your feelings to friends and family by making donations as tributes and memorials. (There’s no more meaningful way to celebrate a life cycle event, memorialize someone who dies, mark a Yahrzeit, express thanks for a special favor, or share the joy of recovery from illness.) Moreover, that’s why we remind you again and again to consider KH in your estate planning.

Think of the possibilities as “Mitzvah Opportunities”! After all, Tzedakah is the Hebrew word for generosity and charity, but Tzedakah also refers to social justice. We must not forget that Judaism holds us responsible for helping those in need. Fortunately, this commandment rewards the donor as much as the recipient.

You may make general donations to Kol HaNeshama or select a specific fund or category. Below is a list of KH funds and categories, followed by brief information on each:

High Holy Days Appeal
KH Social Action Emergency Relief Fund
Food Bank / Tikkun Olam
Celebrating Milestones
Honoring Someone’s Memory
Marking a Yahrzeit
Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund
Scholar in Residence Fund
Leaving a Legacy
Chesed for Members
Jordan River Village Project

High Holy Days Appeal – The majority of Jews, regardless of their level of engagement or observance, feel most connected during the High Holy Days. KolHaNeshama’s High Holy Days Appeal provides a means to express this connectedness. We ask you to give your time, knowledge and– if at all possible–a financial contribution at this point in the calendar. We also offer you the opportunity to memorialize loved ones in our annual Yizkor book of remembrance.

KH Social Action Emergency Relief Fund – Kol HaNeshama has established a fund to provide rapid response to local, national, or international emergencies. This emergency relief fund is designated for the short- and long-term needs of those in communities affected by a humanitarian tragedy.

Foodbank / Tikkun Olam – Tikkum Olam, mending the world, is an immense task, but if we each do a little, we can help mend the world. These donations help support local food banks and other nonprofit organizations.

Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund – Our rabbi receives many requests for funding from institutions and individuals, including congregants seeking financial assistance. All donations and requests for funds are kept strictly confidential.

To Celebrate Milestones – Milestones were stones placed beside a road to mark the distance between destinations. A donation on behalf of family and friends marks their personal milestones.  We send written acknowledgements, to both donors and recipients, for every donation. Kol HaNeshama encourages you to celebrate, commemorate or remember by donating.

In Observance of a Yahrzeit – Yahrzeit is a time to remember, honor, and commemorate those who have passed away. Donating to Kol HaNeshama at the time of a loved one’s yahrzeit is a traditional way to honor those we have lost.

In Memory of Someone Who Died – A donation is an appropriate and appreciated way to express condolences.

Scholar in Residence Fund – We are people of the book, with education strongly embedded in our tradition. Every year Kol HaNeshama taps that tradition by sponsoring an enriching Scholar-in-Residence Weekend.

Leaving a Legacy – if you believe in the work we are doing and the way we are doing it, please consider including us in your estate planning. Our goal is to continue to be who we are long past any of our lifetimes, and we need your help to fulfill that vision. We would appreciate your informing our Rabbi, president or treasurer if you are giving a legacy to KH.

Chesed for Members – Our Chesed Committee’s mission is to help our members during difficult times. We are proud of our KH family and the care and compassion we offer each other. We assist bereaved families and congregants who require emotional support or financial assistance during illness, medical treatment or recovery from illness/surgery. Please contact the committee chairperson if you, or someone you know, needs a helping hand.

Jordan River Village –As our ongoing project to connect with Israel, our congregation supports the Jordan River Village, located in Givat Avni, several miles west of Tiberias, Israel. Jordan River Village is a unique overnight camp for children living with special needs, including chronic, serious or life-threatening illnesses/disorders.  Established in 2011, the Village offers fun, enjoyment and medically safe experiences, at no cost to families, to all children living with serious or chronic illnesses in Israel.

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