Greeter Responsibilities

Thank you for Serving as a Greeter

You are essential in creating a welcoming atmosphere at Kol HaNeshama.

You will be welcoming visitors and members as they enter the building. This is your opportunity to meet and greet your fellow and future congregants.

The duties of a greeter are:

Please arrive at least half hour before services.

When you arrive: Turn on all lights and adjust air conditioner, if necessary. Note: There are two thermostats. Make sure both are dropped to the same temperature (72 degrees).

*Stand at the welcome table to greet people and check the attendance list, if there is one, like during the High Holy Days.
*Introduce yourself to people entering the space and welcome them to Kol HaNeshama. (Shabbat Shalom, my name is…) keep it short and sweet.
*IF NEW Help them to make name tags, help them sign in guests list with name, email, phone and then point them to books, talit, kippot and seats.
*No long conversations, especially if we are close to the time when we start services.
*Answer their questions quickly and let them know you will be happy to talk later. Please invite them to talk to the rabbi and other members after the service. (Or if it is a reception before service to do so now.)
*IF MEMBERS Direct them to find their name tags then,
*Point at kippot and tallit baskets and prayer books.

After the service You will be asked to help with prayerbooks, name tags, etc. It takes approximately 15 minutes after the end of the service.


If you encounter any issue with a person and you are not feeling comfortable with them being there, and not sure what to do, please wave someone down for support. You can always ask for help from Security. One of the two greeters should go and get the security person.

If people congregate and are talking, kindly ask them to find their seats seven minutes before the time of the service.

If people need assistance, ask others to accompany them to their seats. Do not leave the welcome table until 15 minutes into the service. You can sit and have a prayer book with you.

The greeters are responsible for passing the challah and wine at the conclusion of the service, following the mourner’s Kaddish.

NEW INFORMATION: Our supplies are now in LOCKED cabinets in the back hallway. The keys are all together with the hall door key (on the hall door knob) or in the last cabinet in the hallway. Our supplies in the kitchen are now also locked in the cabinet over the sink. (It is clearly marked). Please lock the cabinets and closet after the services.

Friday specific information:

Shabbat candles, candlesticks, placemat, lighter and the Rabbi’s kiddush cup are in the KH kitchen cabinet. Please place them on the table near the Rabbi, filling the kiddush cup only 1/2 full with juice.

Friday and Saturday specific information:

Locate large plastic plates found in the KH closet (on the left in the back hallway) past the bathrooms. You will use these for the challah.

The challah should be cut into small chunks, with a toothpick in each, and covered with the challah cover. A large knife to cut is located also in the back hallway, KH closet, in the blue box. Challah cover and toothpicks are located in the kitchen KH cabinet.

Wine and grape juice should be poured with the cups about half full, and with both types of beverages on each tray. Usually about 2/3 wine cups to 1/3 juice is good. Opened bottles of both are located in the refrigerator. If you run out, there are unopened bottles in the back hall closet. The wine/juice glasses are in the kitchen to the left of the KH cabinet.

You can pour some at the beginning of the service, then count attendance and make sure there is enough wine. Please include Rabbi Sigal and musicians (Nick and Lisa) in your count. Once you have prepared the wine/juice and challah, you can place them in the back of the room.

After mourners Kaddish, the Rabbi will give you a nod at which time the wine trays should be passed. After the wine blessing, the challah cover is removed and one greeters holds the challah tray as everyone gathers around and touches the challah tray or someone who is in touch with the challah tray, forming a human chain of connection.

***If there are ANY items that are running low or completely depleted, please notify Adrienne Friedman immediately: 609-775-5128***

We will strive to have two greeters for most services.

Thank you for providing a welcoming environment in our community.


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