KH Members Annual Meeting

March 23, 2022    
5:30 pm - 8:00 pm

Annual Meeting/Dinner,
Dedication of Sanctuary
Scheduled for March 23

This year’s Annual Meeting and Dinner, combined with the Dedication of our new KH Sanctuary, will take place Wednesday, March 23, starting at 5:30 p.m.

Our thanks to Gerry Ronkin, of Robert Toale and sons, for underwriting the light dinner to be served at this important event.

The Dedication of our new Sanctuary will provide an opportunity to focus on our treasured ritual items: our new Ark and Ner Tamid, new wall hangings, and our Mizrach and Mezuzot.

Rabbi Jennifer will lead us in prayer as she places the Mezuzah gifted by Toby Deutsch and Linda Milberg onto the wall next to the inside door to the Sanctuary. Our other Mezuzah, carved by Ron Weismehl z’l and donated to KH by Sonia Weismehl, will be hung at the door where we enter the building from outside. We also will complete the dedication of the Torah that was donated to the congregation by Garry Grossman.

Artisans at Studio Gruss, in Brooklyn, N.Y., crafted our new Ark and the Ner Tamid crowning it. Toby Deutsch donated the The Ner Tamid to KH in honor of her husband Larry z’l. The Mizrach is a gift from Marden Paru z’l and his wife Joan. The new wall hangings, stitched together by Susan Salzman, are comprised of individual panels created by many congregants.

At the Annual Meeting, the results of the election will be announced, and new Officers and Board members will be installed. After thanking outgoing Board members for their service to KH, President Donald Baum will review the past year and share his vision of the year ahead.


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