Conversational Hebrew

November 7, 2022    
10:00 am - 11:00 am

Conversational Hebrew

Class Instructor: Ari Delevie

Class time: 10:00 AM

Class date: November 7 , 2022 – Future dates to be determined

Course Description: Table of Contents

1.    Words you already know
2.    Foods-mzonot
3.    Introduction/greetings
4.    First encounters
5.    4 W’s
6.    Words to get you going
7.    Expressions
8.    Numbers and time-Missparim ve zman
9.    Family- Mishapakha
10.    Fellings0regashot
11.    Opposites
12.    Colors-Tzevaim
13.    Occupations-miktzo’ot
14.    Eating-le’ekhol
15.    The country-Ha’aretz
16.    Getting around
17.    Accommodations-lshkoon
18.    Verbs
19.    The body
20.    Countries and politics
21.    Places and locations
22.    More words

Ari Delevie Bio

Ari is a Sabra, born in Haifa. Hebrew and German are his native languages.
He is a retired clinical psychologist, holds a doctoral degree from Columbia U. He lived in White Plains, NY, for 45 years.
He was married to Joan for 51 years, who she passed in 2011. They have three daughters and seven grandchildren.
Ari worked at mental health agencies and had a private practice. He volunteered with the IDF, treating soldiers with combat PTSD and wrote book about it (“Coping with Demons of War”) in both in Hebrew and English.
Ari has been teaching courses about music (he is not a musician) at Pelican Cove, where he lives with his wife, Judie, for the last six years, and a conversational Hebrew class, for the last three years. Previously, he taught a course on the same subject at congregation Hevreh, in the Berkshires.
Ari has great interest in art, and has done oil, acrylic and water color paintings, color pencil and pen-and-ink sketches, one resulting in a book about Jerusalem. He sculpts in wood, stone, clay and steel.
Ari and Judie create art together; stained glass and sculptures, cook, bake and travel.
Ari is looking forward to teaching members of KH some contemporary Israeli Hebrew.

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