The Shofar is Calling

On Rosh Hashanah we sound the Shofar, a Ram’s horn made into a wind instrument. It calls us to wake up, to remember what is deep within our heart and soul.  

The Shofar is the sound of our personal and collective primal and heartfelt preverbal prayers. The sound offers us the opportunity to connect with visceral wisdom to find the important wise guide within us to lead the way in the new year.

Shofar in Hebrew is connected to the word shipur, meaning to improve. Once a year, the sound of the Shofar functions as an alarm call to wake us up, to make changes and improve. To remind us to enjoy this one precious life more fully. 

The sound is like no other sound we hear year round. It resonates with the soul’s longing and is expressed in a wordless sound full of the blower’s breath. To sound the Shofar, a person accesses the deep areas of the lungs, deep within the body. The listeners receive it within the body and heart. It penetrates through the barriers of fear and hopelessness. The sound unsettles us, in a good way, and awakens us to reflect and review our lives so we enter the new year with a clearer vision and we hope it inspires us to commit to live the life we want more fully. 

Ask yourself:

Is my life aligned with my heart’s desire and purpose?

What is missing?

What do I need to see or hear more clearly? 

What do I need to change, improve, learn, keep, or let go?  

Is there something new I want to create?

What do I need to do to create a fresh new start in something? 

What adjustments can I make to align my vision with my life?


May we all clearly hear the call of our heart’s desires.

I wish you a healthy, sweet and happy new year.

L’shanah tovah, Rabbi Sigal

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