Return to the Land of Your Soul

During the month of Elul we prepare our heart and soul to the New Year and return to the land of our soul.Through a daily practice of Teshuvah we are reminded that we are not separated from each other, from our world, from God and from the infinite fabric of existence. 

We dedicate time to do the necessary soul work of returning and mending.

Here are some questions for contemplation:

Take a moment to feel at home in yourself and in your soul. How does it feel?

What does it mean to you to “return to the land of your soul?”

Maybe it is as simple as a sense of rest and renewal.


What do you feel separated and disconnected from? Please be gentle and kind in your reflections.

Do you want to reconnect? How can you go about it?


What would you like to connect with in the New Year?

What are some of the ways you may want to bring more connection into your life?

What do you need to remember about staying connected?  


Listen: Return to the Land of Your Soul

A daily Elul practice will enhance your preparation for the New Year.

You don’t have to implement changes right away. During Elul we reflect and get to know ourselves and the different areas in our lives by honestly looking and learning more about ourselves.

I look forward to being together at Kol HaNeshama’s High Holy Days season, in person as well as virtually.

See High Holy Days Information in this link.


I wish for you a Shabbat shalom and a meaningful week of reflection.

Rabbi Sigal

To support your daily practice here is last week’s recording:

Achat Sha’alti (Psalm 27:4)


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