Mission & Vision Statement

Kol HaNeshama’s mission is to provide a warm, inclusive community for individuals, couples and families representing a range of Jewish backgrounds, philosophies and practices. At KH, we share a multitude of experiences aimed at meeting our members’ differing needs for enrichment, spirituality, prayer, learning and friendship. Moreover, we create a base from which all members can develop and grow through active participation.

Our congregation embraces the core Jewish values of prayer, worship and celebration; study, learning and Torah; repairing the world (tikkun olam); and acts of loving-kindness/concern (gemilut chasadim). We provide a sanctuary for honoring Shabbat and all Jewish holidays and observances.

Although we may differ in our political philosophies, we are united in our concern for the Land of Israel as the historic homeland of the Jewish people and the State of Israel as a central focal point for the Jewish world. We urge our members to understand the issues and be involved in activities that impact the wellbeing of the State of Israel and all its inhabitants.

We offer support and acknowledgement to one another in times of personal and communal need – whether celebration or grief.  Our interactions with each other make us as strong and caring as an extended family. We willingly invite others to make our family their own.


St. Wilfred’s Episcopal Church Campus, Kol HaNeshama Sanctuary
3773 Wilkinson Road, Sarasota, FL 34233



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