Sample Writings from KH Members

Rewriting the Bible from a Feminist Perspective: Eight Sample Writing from KH Members

What Really Happened While Moses Was on The Mount

by KH member Linda Milberg, February 2022

The women gathered together as Moses prepared to leave. He was nervous about leaving his flock for such a long time and had a list of last-minute instructions… the do’s and don’ts of successful communal living . The women tried to reassure him that they would be fine but still… this was the first time he had left them in the 3 months since they had crossed the sea of reeds. Still muttering to himself that this was a bad idea. That his people were not ready. Their faith not strong enough Moses started on his journey up the mountain.

The men were huddled together whispering and wondering what was next now that Aaron was in charge. Would there still be manna to eat and fresh water to drink? Were they to just sit around waiting for Moses to return from his mysterious errand? Change, this was big change and they had had enough of that. Egypt was looking better and better. At least there they knew what to expect. Here they had no purpose except to wander around waiting for what? To be led to a promised land by who exactly? And when was this supposed to happen? Anxiety was mounting. All the men were on high alert. There were too many unanswered questions.

Aaron suggested that they should pray. But one of the more outspoken men said Pray to who? To a god that only Moses can see? A god who turned day into endless night? Who brought plagues upon the land? This is a scary god. Who knows what we might do to anger him? Let’s fashion a god who isn’t so scary. One that we can see and touch. One that won’t offend the god of Moses and at the same time make us feel better. While Aaron did not think this was the best idea, he understood the need for the men to do something, anything to take away that free floating anxiety. And so, they began the process.

And what were the women doing while this conversation was happening between the men?
The women had babies to tend, clothes to mend and were overseeing the needs of the camp. Perhaps the women saw the miracles happening every day as babies were born, children grew up, living without the threat of their children being killed or enslaved. Perhaps that was enough for them. When they saw all of that, faith in the god of Moses came easily to them.


by KH member Ellen Honig, February 2022

G-d looked upon all that she had created and was pleased. She created a spectacular universe that included innumerable galaxies that contained stars, planets moons and other celestial bodies.

She looked upon one special sphere that attracted her attention. It longed for light and dark; she said “Let it be so” and it was.

G-d considered what place this sphere would have in the universe; what role it would play. Would this sphere remain barren and cold or would it have life?

G-d spent many ages considering the fate of this sphere and concluded that life would arise on this sphere and she would call it a planet, she said “Let it be so” and it was.

G-d understood for life to develop the plant would require seeding from the universe; microbes and minerals. She bombarded the planet with asteroids and microorganisms, she said “Let it be so” and it was.

For life to advance G-d created water and land; giant mountains and deep oceans, desert and frozen lands and all different kinds of environments in between, she said “Let it be so” and it was. She watched and waited.

From the lands came grasses and trees, from the ocean came tiny organisms, in the sky came flying insects, she said “Let it be so” and it was. She watched and waited again.

From the tiny things came larger life until the planet was teeming with life walking upon the land, flying in the sky and swimming in the oceans. she said “Let it be so” and it was.

G-d looked upon the life on the planet and was pleased. She desired to have an animal that would think and plan, much like she had for the past six eons.

She created women and man of equal strength and intelligence. They would be equal partners in all that they do together, love and care for each other and their children and plan for their future.

G-ds plan was for this animal to be an independent thinker and not rely on her for direction, she said “Let it be so” and it was.

She hoped that they would respect her and adhere to Rules of Life that she would eventually share with them. G-d named this animal woman and man.

G-d believed that Women and Man would treat all with equity, humility and kindness, she said “Let it be so” and it was.

G-d rested and made her rest day holy, she said “Let it be so” and it was.


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