Covid Guidelines

Dear KH family and friends,

We had no idea what the future held when we first moved our services online in March 2020. We never expected to spend well over a year using Zoom for all of our classes, meetings and services, and never imagined that at the same time we would find ourselves searching for a new place to eventually gather.

What we did know is this: We had a responsibility to each other to follow appropriate protocols that would protect each person’s health and safety. Pikuach ha’nefesh, saving a single life, is an overriding precept of Judaism. As much as we wanted to gather together, we knew that it was not yet safe.

Nearly a year and a half after the beginning of the pandemic, we are ready to move into our new home and begin meeting in person again. But the pandemic is not over, and no one will be entirely safe until the entire planet is made safe.

To ensure the continued health and safety of all who participate in our services and programs, KH assembled a Covid Task Force consisting of several physicians, lay leaders, and your Rabbi. They addressed two key issues:

  • Identifying the known dangers of meeting in person, and being aware of the unknowns.
  • The duty of KH to protect the congregation regarding a major public health issue.

The guidelines below may change as circumstances change. The members of the Task Force have committed to meeting regularly and will update the guidelines as needed.

As your Rabbi, I have been inspired by the commitment to community that you have shown, while you were dealing with the effects of the pandemic on your own lives. Our congregation is ready to enter into an uncertain future because we are certain of each other and our dedication to our community.

And most of all, we are firm in our commitment to being an openhearted and supportive synagogue that allows each person to explore and practice Judaism in ways that they find meaningful.

With blessings for health and safety, Rabbi Jennifer Singer

Kol HaNeshama Covid Guidelines – Adopted June 2021; rev. 7/25/21


·         Fully vaccinated members may attend in person.

·         Registration is required for each service a member wishes to attend, without exception.

·         Unvaccinated members may attend online only.

·         Vaccinated members who are coughing, sneezing, or feel unwell are asked to attend online.



·         Members may not bring guests to in-person services.

·         Because of limited seating in the sanctuary, non-members may attend online only.


When Attending:

·         Registration in advance is required, without exception.

·         Masks are required for all in-person attendees, without exception.

·         Members who are exhibiting signs of illness will be asked to leave.

·         Attendance will be limited to partial capacity, to be determined by the Rabbi and confirmed by this Task Force.

·         Attendees may bring their own water in closed containers; no other food or drink is permitted.


Responsibilities of the Synagogue:

·         Free masks and hand sanitizer will be provided.

·         Chairs will be arranged with appropriate social distancing.

·         Air conditioning, open doors and windows, and ceiling fans will be used as appropriate to maximize air     circulation.

·         All service leaders, staff, and volunteers will be fully vaccinated.

·         Service leaders will be masked and/or behind barriers at all times.

·         Challah and wine will be served at services. Food handlers will wear gloves and masks.

·         Whenever possible, challah and wine will be served outside.

·         No other food will be served, including Saturday pot-luck meals.

·         Signs will be prominently displayed re: the guidelines and warning people to watch for signs of illness.


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Phone: 941-244-2042



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