President’s Message

After a long career in academia, including seven years in the hectic position of department chair, a synagogue presidency was the last thing I was looking for in retirement.  As it turned out, though, the same irresistible qualities that led my wife and me to become members of Kol HaNeshama would later lure me into responsibilities of leadership.

K H hooked us by providing far more than a congregation.  From the outset, its friendly members offered an inclusive, caring community.  I can still remember our first Friday night.  Toward the conclusion of the service our presence was noticed, and we were asked to introduce ourselves.  Afterwards a group of congregants invited us to join them for a casual dinner at a nearby restaurant. How wonderful it felt to be included!  Such an embracing welcome surprised and impressed us, but we soon learned that true warmth and loving kindness are part of “the KH DNA.”

Kol HaNeshama’s meaningful, engaging services were another major draw for us.

We found ourselves intellectually challenged by the discussions and spiritually uplifted by the prayer and singing.  Six years have gone by, and we continue to value Rabbi Jennifer’s thoughtful words, which are central to every service.

As a small congregation, we depend on individual members to organize holiday celebrations and special events, and to carry out projects aimed at tikkun olam, chesed, social action and ongoing education.  Our many active members are rewarded with personal satisfaction and deeper relationships with each other.

Diane and I are grateful for the friendships, spirituality and enrichment we have found in our congregation.  So, we take every opportunity to encourage others to experience the Kol HaNeshama community for themselves.

Donald Baum


Mail: Kol HaNeshama

PO Box 21655

Sarasota, FL 34276

Phone: 941-244-2042



St. Wilfred’s Episcopal Church Campus, Kol HaNeshama Sanctuary
3773 Wilkinson Road, Sarasota, FL 34233



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